Statement on 5 Feb 2023
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Thank you for using JUNGLEbet.

Since 1 Feb, we have received more feedback than we could have imagined and we are responding to all enquiries as they come in, with priority currently given to those who have made a deposit.

Yesterday we announced the current circumstances and response policy, and here is the latest update as of today, in response to the situation since then.

JUNGLE does not aim to create a world for traditional gamblers but instead aims to provide a fun experience for everyone, whether they win or lose, which is what we call Modern Betting. Currently, there are some challenges and delays in several areas, which will be explained below.

If you do not agree with the worldview of JUNGLE, including the above, or if you are not satisfied with our current policies, we recommend that you close your account at this time.

Refund of Orion Cup on 4 Feb

The race on 4 Feb at 9 pm UK time has been cancelled due to quality assurance reasons.

Refund action for this race will be completed by 6 Feb UK time.

As it is voided, you will be returned to the status you were in before you Bet on this race.

In the future, if a match is cancelled, it will be voided and a refund will be made. Our development team is also working on making this quicker.


We have confirmed cases where the withdrawal has not been successful despite the button being pressed and the status is "Withdrawal is being processed."

Please understand that we are dealing with this issue from customers who have made a deposit, so it will take longer for other customers to respond.

We are working with the Payment Provider to resolve the issue.


The Referral Bonus is currently suspended, but we have received many enquiries about code input errors and forgotten codes prior to the suspension. We are currently discussing how we will address this issue.

We will contact you as soon as a policy has been decided.

ID verification

The most common cause of ID verification not being completed is that the ID verification you have used has expired.

If it takes longer than 5 mins, please prepare a valid ID and follow the on-screen instructions to verify your ID again.

For complying with the licence and GDPR purposes, the personal data used for identity verification is only used for fraud prevention and anti-money laundering purposes.

It is not held by us but is managed by a professionally authorised third party complying with the regulations.

These identity details are not used for any other purpose.


The restart of racing and the following content will be available by the end of February 2023 as Only on JUNGLE.

Look forward to it!

Bonuses that have already been granted can be used to Bet on this content when it is re-launched.

In addition, there is a possibility that in the future, for popular content, entry may be restricted or only for those with invitations.

JUNGLE specialises in betting on Modern Sports, so if you would like to enjoy traditional sports, we recommend you use a different service.

Social Media operations/reputations

JUNGLE's social media operations have been temporarily closed due to the amount of hate and other comments posted on Discord and Twitter, which are offensive to people who enjoy the game in a healthy way and are not in line with JUNGLE's worldview.

Some people on social media have said that JUNGLE is a scam, but we are compliant and only consider medium- and long-term development through sound business practices.

Therefore, there is no economic rationale for short-term scamming for the purpose of obtaining personal data.

If you are not convinced by these explanations, please also ask ChatGPT as well.

Close your account

As we said at the beginning of this statement, if you are not satisfied with the above series of our policies and actions, we encourage you to close your account.

Please follow the instructions below.

1. tap "Account"

2. tap "Account Settings"

3. tap "Close Account."

All personal data associated with your account will be erased when you close your account.

In addition, identification information and payment card details are not held by us in order to comply with various regulations and are managed by an authorised third party, which will also be deleted when you close your account.

Please be assured that JUNGLE will never use any personal information obtained from you.

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