Overall | Statement on 5 Feb 2023
Updated over a week ago

Thank you for using JUNGLEbet.

Since 1 Feb, we have received more feedback than we could have imagined and we are responding to all enquiries as they come in, with priority currently given to those who have made a deposit.

Yesterday we announced the current circumstances and response policy, and here is the latest update as of today, in response to the situation since then.

JUNGLE does not aim to create a world for traditional gamblers but instead aims to provide a fun experience for everyone, whether they win or lose, which is what we call Modern Betting.

Currently, there are some challenges and delays in several areas, which will be explained below.

If you do not agree with the worldview of JUNGLE, including the above, or if you are not satisfied with our current policies, we recommend that you close your account at this time.

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