How do I make a complaint?

JUNGLEˣ aim to resolve all complaints.

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We wish your experience in JUNGLEˣ to be as safe and enjoyable as possible. However, we recognise that problems can sometimes arise. We aim to ensure that any concerns or complaints received from our customers in relation to our conduct of or the outcome of gambling transactions are dealt with in a fair, open and timely manner. 

Any customer who has any such concern or complaint should contact Customer Support.

Please provide your registered phone number and email address (if you provided) in all communications with us.

Please provide full details of your complaint or other grievance. We will endeavour to respond to matters of this nature within a few days (but will in any event respond in detail to all such concerns and complaints within 14 days of receipt). We keep a record of all complaints that are not resolved at the first stage of our complaints procedure. We offer referral of such unresolved customer disputes to an appropriate independent ADR entity free of charge to the customer (see below). Betting Disputes – Independent Betting Adjudication Service (IBAS) If you have a betting or account transaction dispute, which you believe that we have not satisfactorily resolved, you can approach IBAS which is a third party organisation offering independent adjudication free of charge to our customers in relation to betting disputes. 

You may submit a IBAS adjudication form here or contact IBAS at An agreed resolution of any such dispute (arrived at with the assistance of IBAS) will be binding on both the customer and JUNGLEˣ. However, please note that IBAS may refuse to consider a dispute if it is, in their view, frivolous or vexations.

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