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Troubleshooting Deposit Issues - Overview
Troubleshooting Deposit Issues - Overview
Updated over a week ago

Here are the common deposit issues and its resolution:

Declined deposits Issue: Your deposit attempt may be rejected for various reasons, such as insufficient funds, security concerns, or restrictions on your account. Resolution: Ensure you have sufficient funds in your account or use an alternative payment method. Contact your bank to inquire about any restrictions or security measures affecting your transaction. Consider using a different payment method or card if the issue persists.

Delayed Transactions: Issue: Deposits may take longer than expected to reflect in your account, causing frustration and uncertainty.

Resolution: Deposits are typically processed and reflected immediately in your JUNGLEbet account. However, some transactions may take longer to process depending on the payment method used. Wait for some time - 15 to 20 minutes, and contact customer support if the delay persists, providing details of your transaction for assistance and clarification.

Gambling Block: Issue: Some banks offers gambling block to help get your gambling under control.

Here are the list of banks that offers Gambling Block on accounts :

- Bank of Scotland - Barclays

- Cashplus Bank

- Chase

- Danske Bank

- First Direct

- Halifax


- Lloyds Bank

- Monzo

- Natwest

- Nationwide

- Revolut

- Royal Bank of Scotland

- Santander

- Starling Bank


- Ulster Bank

Resolution: If you see an error message or if your attempt to deposit money into your JungleBet account is blocked, please contact your bank and confirm gambling block isn't turned on for your account.Try an alternative deposit method , or try depositing with another bank

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