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Depositing on JUNGLEbet - Overview
Depositing on JUNGLEbet - Overview
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Please Note|
- JUNGLEbet promotes responsible play by offering options to set limits on your deposits
- Deposits must be made using a payment method registered in your name
- UK customers can only deposit Pound Sterling GBP (£) into their Account
- Ireland customers can only deposit Euro (€) into their Account
- Interest is not payable on Account balances

Net Deposits
Net deposit is the net amount of your deposit based on the following formula.
You will be required to level off any deposits made with the same amount of withdrawals for certain payment methods before you can withdraw any excess funds back via another payment source.

Minimum & Maximum Deposit Amount
The minimum deposit is 10 GBP, 10 EUR.

There are currently no maximum deposit limits.

Accepted deposit methods
We accept deposits via the following debit card types: Visa Debit; MasterCard Debit; and by direct bank transfer (Open Banking)

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