Beginner's Guide
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Welcome to JUNGLEbet!

As some may have already noticed, JUNGLEbet is distinct from traditional sports betting apps.

We offers a variety of original betting-oriented content, called Modern sports.

Modern Sports is designed to be simple and casual, with bets that are settled in just a matter of minutes. This means you can enjoy betting during your spare time and quickly get the results.

Deposit Made Simple

1. Tap 'Navigation' at screen bottom!

2. Enter deposit amount

3. Choose Bank or Card and Complete the Form. Done!

Quick Bets in 3 Taps

Choose your option

Input your desired amount and place your bet


YadokariDAO is an original modern sport where Hermit crabs (Yadokari) race. The races are decided in a matter of seconds, making it a very eco-friendly sport that doesn't require athletes or stadiums.

Market Types: Which Yadokari Will Win?

In this market, the question is to predict which Yadokari will goal first.


SumoDAO is an original modern sport of Origami Sumo.

Market Types: Who Will Win?

In this market, the question is to predict whether either player will fall first or go outside the ring (defined space).

Track Your Bet and Results

Find your bet information and outcomes under the "My Bets" tab.

You can also check them in the "Wallet" tab even after the match ended.

Check Player stats

You can view the stats of each player participating in the races under the Stats tab.

Some stats are not visible, but you can unlock them using Gems.

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